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Who We Are

For roughly a decade, the South Portland Business Association has stood to unite & represent the business communities of John’s Landing, Lair Hill, and the Southwest Waterfront. It has only been in that decade that the areas have even been open for business, as much of the area is converted from an industrial center.

What We Offer

We provide a business identity for South Portland, one of the city’s newest districts. Our website is a regional directory of area businesses, providing advertising and networking opportunities for business owners & stakeholders, and a comprehensive guide to the public for some of the newest neighborhoods in a constantly evolving & expanding city.

Why We Do It

In a city still putting together its national identity, the South Portland Business Association’s neighborhoods embody the sleek, glistening, well-manicured image initially curated by the Pearl District‘s urban renewal, and downtown Portland’s ongoing makeover. We want our businesses’ recognition and identities to gleam the same.


We’re creating a better South Portland community, you can too.

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South_portland_tramSouth Portland, Oregon

South Portland sits nicely along the Willamette River and stretches from downtown to the Sellwood Bridge. Our district covers three historic neighborhoods: John’s Landing, Lair Hill, and the South Waterfront. The South Portland Business Association works hard each year to make these neighborhoods a destination location for all Portland citizens.

Originally industrial work zones (with the exception of Lair Hill) known collectively as Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill or CTLH, South Portland was officially known as a residential/commercial neighborhood in 2006. Today, the neighborhoods are lined with green, manicured lawns and tall, beautiful trees.

What’s Happening

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