We’ve updated the way our member listings are displayed. It became apparent our member listing pages were overcrowded, so I came up with a more user friendly and smart interface.

In some cases a listing has just one important value, and that’s links to their company website. With the new interface, all the, “Listing Details,” have been moved closer to the top on the right hand sidebar. Viewers will get faster access to the content that matters most.

The new interface allows widens the main content area, like the photo and body text. We now allow 600px wide (or larger) photos, and even bullets in your body text.

Here’s some other website updates:

  • The logo has been resized to decrease the header height. You’ll now notice it seems a little smaller.
  • Drop-down menus have been added in some places
  • We no longer use Google maps, and will continue phasing those iframes out over the next week
  • Our blogger Emily Calvin will continue writing weekly
  • For member’s with no photos, we added a “Placeholder” image in its place
  • We will be updating the placeholder text on member’s with no text
  • We started a Twitter account. Please Like us on Facebook too!

We hope you enjoy the updates! You may always drop us feedback or make a suggestion here.

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