Ever since 1926, the Ross Island Bridge has been an essential part to Portland’s east and west side commuters. The bridge is named after the nearby island that floats on the Willamette, Ross Island. Today, it is still a well used bridge that is used to get to places like OHSU hospital and to the waterfront.

However, starting this fall will be the Ross Island Bridge Rehabilitation Project. This project will simply include repainting the bridge. Ironically, the Ross Island Bridge has a bit of history with being repainted. The bridge was painted black back in the early 1950s and then repainted green. In 1961 is when Portland architect, Lewis Crutcher, claimed that all of Portland’s bridges should be repainted from black to their own unique color. This proposal then changed the Ross Island Bridge’s color to blue, which has been the color it remains to this day, until the project starts.

As of right now, there is no traffic blockage due to the upcoming project. Details of the work to be done includes the set up of work platforms and a containment system for the sandblasting and painting.

So yes, an old friend is getting a bit of an update. However, this project will keep the bridge looking nice and new, which is good for the public eye and for the look of the city as a whole. It is projects like these that keep our city looking fresh and modern.

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