“I want something quick to eat, but I don’t want fast-food… Something home cooked!… That doesn’t cost me $25.00 and an hour of my time.” If you catch yourself thinking these thoughts whether on your lunch break or while shopping around, then any of Portland’s food carts are the right place for you.

While some food carts are just that, others have taken on different looks to attract more of a crowd. You can find old school buses, trailers, and even tiny house-like carts, all of which with a variety of food. Feeling like a good taco? There’s a cart for that. Middle Eastern Fusion plates? There’s a cart for that. Classic PB&J? Yep, there’s a cart for that.

But then there’s the question of where to find all of these little gems of eateries. Well, South Portland is the answer. You can find almost any type of food cart in the South Portland area. For example, all along SW Moody Avenue, trendy carts can be seen cooking up a storm for whatever you are craving. Some can even be found under the tram going up to OHSU hospital. Talk about convenient, right doctors and nurses?

So next time you need a quick bite to eat but don’t want fast-food, explore a bit and find a food cart. You’ll get a satisfying, home-made plate of food while supporting small businesses of Portland. It’s a good deal all around! And just remember, for whatever you’re craving, there’s a cart for that.



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