South Portland’s Sunstone Montessori School is hosting an Open House for Prospective Parents this Thursday, September 26th from 4:00 to 7:00 pm.  The Open House will be located at the school, at 6318 SW Corbett Ave, and it will include a tour of the school, a visit to the classrooms, and an opportunity to meet the guides and talk to the staff.  If you are interested in alternative education programs for your children, this is the perfect opportunity to check out Portland’s options.

Sunstone Montessori offers a toddler and children’s house program, an elementary program, extended care, and after-school enrichment programs.  The elementary program “approaches education from the premise that children thrive when they become the lead participant in their acquisition of knowledge,” according to their website.

The Children’s House program is available all year for children ages 3-6.  In this program, children interact with their environment through hands-on exploration and concrete experiences that engage the mind, the body, and the senses.  Each of the three Children’s House classrooms serves 23 children and is staffed by an AMI Montessori trained guide and an assistant.

The elementary program introduces children to the entire universe of human knowledge, from the Big Bang theory to today’s newspaper, through a series of dramatic and evocative lessons that inspire exploration, discovery, and independent work.  The day begins with a brief group gathering, followed by a three-hour, uninterrupted work period that supports the child’s ability to sustain focus for prolonged periods.  In this time, the child can work on one large project or several smaller projects.  The child then has one hour of lunch and recess, and the afternoon is spent on extended work, lesson time, and activities such as PE or a second language.  The school day lasts from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

If your workday requires extended stay, Sunstone Montessori also offers before- and after-school programs.  Beforecare starts at 7:30 am, and Aftercare lasts until 6:00 pm.  During this time, students have a rich environment of activities to choose from and frequent outdoor play opportunities, all following the guiding principles of Montessori.

Sunstone’s After School Enrichment Classes are available throughout the year for children ages 6-11.  In the past, they have offered classes such as Yoga, Art, Chess & Go, Music, Foreign Language, and Horticulture, but they tailor their classes around the interests of their currently enrolled children, so the classes do vary from year to year.

Sunstone Montessori School has many programs that might fit the needs of you and your child, so make sure to check out their upcoming Open House for more information.

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