The Construction of Tilikum Crossing

Since June of 2011, curious Portlandians have gazed upon the construction of what is now Tilikum Crossing, Bridge of the People. It connects the East and the West sides of Portland, stretching 1,720 feet over the Willamette. It’s modern cable-stayed architecture is sure to catch the eyes of drivers, bikers, and commuters.

Though Tilikum Crossing is nicknamed “Bridge of the People”, it is not entirely made for wandering pedestrians. This bridge will also be open to bikers, buses, emergency vehicles, and the TriMet’s new MAX Orange Line.

Many East side commuters have been anxiously awaiting this new bridge. Luckily, the wait will soon be over. The grand opening of Tilikum Crossing for general use will be on September 12th, 2015. However, the very first public access to the bridge will be on August 9th, 2015, for the 20th Annual Providence Bridge Pedal. The bridge will then remain closed until the grand opening date. The grand opening of the bridge will also include the opening of the MAX Orange Line, another form of transportation that has been awaited by Portland commuters.

With the opening of Tilikum Crossing, Portland will continue to live up to its name of The Bridge City.

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