Is your business in need of organizational assessment and/or program evaluation?  Southwest Portland’s Pacific Research & Evaluation, LLC is here to help your organization “broaden [its] capacity and improve [its] results,” according to their website.  Located at 3507 Southwest Corbett Avenue, Pacific Research & Evaluation offers impartial, expert advice driven by the data they gather about your programs, services, and outcomes.

The staff at Pacific Research & Evaluation has a strong foundation in applied research methods, data analysis, and interpretation.  Their staff includes consultants with for-profit clients and non-profit services and initiatives.  They offer consulting on such topics as organization development, 360 feedback, employee training, and strategic planning for corporations and small business.  They also specialize in evaluating educational institutions, social service providers, government agencies, and faith-based organizations.

Organizational assessment includes guiding clients toward optimal organizational and employee development.  Staff helps clients identify the needs within the organization and form a plan of action that aligns with the values and priorities of the organization.

Program evaluation includes the implementation of high-quality evaluations without bias and with the highest standards of validity.  These help assess needs, clarify goals and objectives, optimize program effectiveness, and understand the connections between day-to-day activities and long-term outcomes.  Their website claims, “Time and again, we have delivered accurate and usable evaluation results that enable organizations to build and sustain success.”  They offer many evaluation services, which include participatory, utilization-focused, and developmental evaluation, needs assessment, formative and summative evaluation, logic model development, experimental and quasi-experimental designs, instrument designs, and more.

Learn more about their team and approach by visiting their website at  Call them today at 503-595-3970 or use the contact section of their website to send them an email.  You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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