Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) will be welcoming its 126th School of Medicine M.D. class this Friday, August 15th, at the OHSU Auditorium (formerly the Old Library Auditorium) on the Marquam Hill Campus in South Portland at 1 p.m.  The Class of 2017 will participate in a White Coat Ceremony, where they will be cloaked in their first white coat in front of family, friends, and faculty.  This ceremony is an OHSU tradition that symbolized the beginning of a medical student’s journey to becoming a physician.

The 2013-14 entering class includes decorated military veterans, Tillman Scholars, artists, teachers, nurses, EMTs and paramedics, scientists, security analysts, social workers, community activists, bloggers, ranchers, and many others, and 85% of the class hailed from Oregon.  The OHSU School of Medicine has successfully selected yet another diverse group of students who “have already distinguished themselves in the health care field and have accomplished many things in other areas,” according to the OHSU website.

The OHSU School of Medicine has been equipping students to serve Oregon and other communities for quite some time, and the amount of graduates practicing in Oregon is growing.  One-third of Oregon’s licensed physicians have received all or part of their education from the OHSU School of Medicine, and 46% of M.D. program graduates practice in Oregon.  The school boasts tenth in the nation for graduate medical examination (GME) program retention, and 53% of GME graduates remain in Oregon to practice.

Senior associate dean for education, OHSU School of Medicine, George Mejicano, M.D., had this to say about the upcoming class—“This class joins our medical school during an exciting period of change.  Oregon is on the forefront of health care reform, and these students will be vital participants in tomorrow’s models of care delivery.  The OHSU School of Medicine is committed to preparing future physicians who will not only thrive as practitioners in our communities, but lead the future of health care itself,” according to the OHSU website.

Tracy Bumsted, M.D., M.P.H., will be speaking at tomorrow’s White Coat Ceremony.  Bumstead is an award-winning educator with the school’s new associate dean for undergraduate medical education.  Donald Girard, M.D., a senior consultant in the Office of the Dean, professor of medicine, and former associate dean for graduate medical education, will deliver the J.S Reinschmidt, M.D. Lecture, which is a special message to the students presented by a guest speaker each year.

The OHSU School of Medicine has accepted a total of 132 students for 2013-14, 67 of which are female and 65 of which are male.  Seventeen students are entering with Master’s degrees, and one is entering with a Doctorate.  These students will be joining a very successful group of medical professionals.

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