Hello, South Portland Business Association Members:

Today we’re pleased to announce a new strategy for our website. We’ve taken big steps to upgrade website content, design styles, and improve search engine exposure.

Overall, you’ll notice the site has been substantially simplified.

The project started because we know our members are busy running their businesses. Since we first launched the site in 2012, many members have still not submitted photos and text for their respective listings. It dawned on Pam and I during a meeting we should offer these services at no extra cost to our members.

Membership Strategy

We needed a fresh strategy. After all, the website acts a marketing channel to get more members. We edited, proofed, and added content to all pages. After the content writer finished, the next step was to fix outdated layouts, and improved site user experience and readability. We added Call to Action boxes, which encourage a site visitor to become a member of the association.


My team and I at ShiloRune made the following site changes:

  • New web forms. Visitors can now start the membership application directly on our site. Among other new forms: contact us, listing edit, and request a call from Pam.
  • New styles. We upgraded the background color, typefaces (fonts), more consistent text format, homepage icons, and much more.
  • New layout changes. We upgraded page content layouts, simplified the primary menu, removed all sidebars (except the blog), added a new way to view board minutes, tabbed content, etc. All changes maintained a mobile responsive layout.
  • Search engine exposure. Content is king, so all our new content additions ultimately have the biggest impact here. Regardless, we audited all meta descriptions and page titles.
  • Permalinks. We found several pages with long URLs, so most of these have been cleaned up and reduced.


We’ve made the following enhancements to our site content:

  • All member listings now have complete text descriptions. The value here is each member gained better search engine exposure. If you’d like your listings changed, not a problem, you can do this online here.
  • The content writer was hired to proof read all existing content. There’s actually quite a bit of valuable content already, so we sought a basic brush up and to check for any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • The content writer is now our weekly blogger. That’s right! Andrew Jankowki has been hired to become the South Portland Association blogger. He’s obligated to write one blog or event post per week. Get in touch with Pam to utilize Andrew!

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  1. Joseph Krahn April 1, 2015 at 9:32 am — Reply

    Thank you for everyone involved in making this project happen.

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