If you’re looking for childcare in John’s Landing, The Next Generation Kids Childcare Center might be just the right fit for you and your child.  This certified center provides full or part-time child care “built on the idea of community and strengthened with the principles of Developmentally Appropriate Practices,” according to their website.

Their practices focus on the individual development of each child with trained staff.  The staff is required to attend regular on-going early educational training, and this will help in the staff’s education in early childhood development.

The John’s Landing staff makes sure to speak to the parents during pick-up and drop-off in order to create a healthy relationship between teacher and parent.  The parents will always be informed about what is going on with their child emotionally and developmentally.

The John’s Landing location offers an espresso bar for morning coffee and dinners to-go available for pickup inside the center.  They really cater to the fast-paced life many parents live today.

The center takes children from nine months to 60 months, and the tuition ranges from $790 a month or $182 a week to $1,200 a month or $276 a week.  The tuition can be paid monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly.  They have an annual registration fee of $75 or $100 per family enrolling more than one child.  The center offers programs from three to five days per week as long as full day dependent care for all ages mentioned above.

Call today for a visit and a tour.  You can reach them at 503-206-3003, and you can find more information about them at their website.

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