If you live in the South Portland area and need garden care or live anywhere in Portland and appreciate the beauty of a well-groomed garden, you have to check out Bentley, A Classic Garden Place and Gallery.  Bentley’s gardens include boxwood and art, boxwood estate quality topiary, boxwood hedges grown and ready to plant boxwood grown exclusively in Willamette Valley, and persimmon and citrus trees.

Boxwood dates back to before Biblical times; fossilized boxwood leaves and fruit have been discovered dating as far back as 22 million years.  According to their website, “The wood is high regarded for its firm, smooth grain, strength, and uniformity.”  It doesn’t shrink much when dried, and it is extremely elastic.  The ancient Romans and Greeks used it for jewel boxes, combs, inlays, ornaments, utensils, tables, and flutes.  In England, many people used it for the power loom.

Boxwood is also used to frame garden spaces, including paths, doorways, parterres, rose, and knot gardens.  It is also used for sculpted plants or topiary.  The shapes serve as anchors, finials, and ornamentation in the garden.  It is very slow growing, and the slowest growing will grow to the size of a baseball in ten years.  Boxwood history and slow growth place it in a category of its own known as “the aristocrat of plants.”

Their website includes directions on how to care for boxwood, which includes planting it in sun or partial shade.  Bentley grows their boxwood in sandy loam soil in the Willamette Valley, and the plants are carefully dug and placed in containers for shipping.  The root ball must be watered well.  The planting site must have good drainage because boxwood cannot grow in most soil, including heavy clay.  You can amend the soil, if you need to, with silt, sand, or an organic material.

Bentley also offers Taxus, Persimmon, and Citrus trees.  Their topiary shapes include 1-5 globe standards, balls on cube, cones, cubes, globes, obelisks, and spirals.  They offer estate size and quality hedge, edge and topiary boxwood.

Bentley is located at 5529 SW Hood Avenue in South Portland.  You can reach them by phone at 503-954-2781 or on their cell at 971-563-6851.  They accept Visa and MasterCard, and delivery is available in the metro area.  In the Fall and Winter, they are open by appointment so give them a call today to schedule your appointment with Bentley, A Classic Garden Place and Gallery.

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