Working out always sounds like a good idea, but getting around to actually doing it is another thing. However, at The Circuit Bouldering Gym, located on Southwest Macadam Avenue, you can climb your way to your fitness goals all while having a ton of fun.

The Circuit Bouldering Gym was established in 2005 and has flourished since then, especially with all of the demand for rock climbing activities. It is a fast growing activity that is suitable for almost all ages. Circuit Bouldering Gym offers their members the opportunity to train, talk, and meet new people.

They offer multiple programs that suite both youth and adults. They also have many drop in classes, which is a great way to get into bouldering and becoming familiar with the facility and staff. Another option is to participate in their Intro Bouldering Class. This class is a crash course on everything you need to know to have a good start to bouldering. The class also comes with a two week long free membership.

Working out can be a hard thing to work into your day, but at Circuit Bouldering Gym, the activity you do won’t even feel like working out, but more like pure fun. So drop in and take an intro class and begin your climb to your fitness goal through bouldering!

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