Located on 4380 SW Macadam is Studio One Hair Design and Med Spa. They offer a wide range of beauty services including hair, nails, and skin care. They are the prefect place for all beauty needs.

Studio One was established in 1970 and still has a full staff of talented and passionate people. Everyone there is ready to pamper you with whatever beauty needs you may have. Their comfortable and soothing environment is a great setting for relaxation and focusing on yourself. They offer free consultations to anyone who may have concerns or further questions. In order to ensure safety and well-being amongst their customers, Studio One has an on-site nurse practitioner.

At Studio One, it is easy to create a customizable package of treatments to suite your needs. Whether you need a trim, a manicure, or a deep cleansing facial, put your trust in Studio One to treat you like a VIP.

Their Med Spa includes a wide range of treatments such as Botox, eye lash extensions, hair extensions, and micro needling. They do it all under one roof in a beautiful facility. For all of your beauty needs, make Studio One your one stop to have it all fullfilled!

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