Whether you are looking to dine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Aquariva Restaurant and Bar is the perfect place. They are located right on the Willamette River on SW Hamilton Court.

At Aquariva, their menu is inspired by seasonal favorites. They do this so that their customers are always getting freshly prepared food that tastes amazing. They specialize in seafood favorites such as crispy skin salmon, oysters, and halibut. In addition to these savory seafood entrees, the rest of their menu offers a wide variety of meats and vegetable dishes that will please all.

Happy hour is a favorite in Portland, and sometimes, it’s hard to find a place where you can experience a good happy hour while still getting a fine dining experience. At Aquariva, that is possible! Their happy hour menu includes all sorts of favorites from grilled prawns to baked mac and cheese.

To experience fine dining the Portland way, head over to Aquariva. It is where you can enjoy a gourmet meal over looking the Willamette River and the beautiful Portland cityscape.

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