Looking for a place to take a dear, precious, or treasured friend for dinner in South Portland?  Look no further than Caro Amico, an Italian Café located in a landmark building on Barbur Boulevard, south of downtown Portland.  With a beautiful view of Portland’s Aerial Tram, Caro Amico provides a beautiful environment in which to enjoy a meal with friends and loved ones.  According to their website, “Caro Amico” translates to “dear, precious, or treasured friend.”  Caro Amico has been around for generations, offering “pleasant food and drink, perhaps even some refuge from the busy world.”

Caro Amico offers a cozy bar, two separate dining rooms, and a deck in the summer.  Summer is almost over, so make sure you get out to Caro Amico before summer’s end so you can enjoy the comfortable deck and dine in the sun.  Caro Amico also accommodates private parties of fifty people or more, from Weddings to Wakes.  The café has an upstairs Hood View Dining Room, and they work with the customer to pick a menu that fits each customer’s specific needs.

The menu includes a collection of classic Italian foods that the café has been cooking for over 60 years.  Their menu contains classic bruschetta and garlic bread appetizers and manicotti and traditional lasagna entrees.  You can also make your own pizza, and choose from a variety of toppings, including artichoke hearts, bleu cheese, Italian sausage, and toasted walnuts.  Or choose from one of their favorite house pizzas, including the PSU Viking, which is made Neapolitan style, with pepperoni, Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, roasted garlic, onion, roasted red pepper, and fresh shredded parmesan.  They also have pizzas with names like Dragon Tattoo—including herbed chicken and fresh spinach—and Butch’s Bar-B-Q with a barbeque sauce base.  They also have a “Veggie-Matic” pizza for the vegetarians out ther, that includes mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, red onions, and fresh tomatoes.

Caro Amico has been around since 1949.  It began as a speakeasy and turned into an Italian café soon after.  Started by Fred Baker and Joe Fracasso, its original plan was to become a speakeasy.  However, by the time it opened, they had turned it into an Italian restaurant.  According to their website, Fred and Joe “were the first to introduce honest-to-goodness authentic pizza pie to Portland.”  The site goes on to acknowledge restaurants in Lair Hill that served pizza, but “to the rest of 1949 Portland, pizza was still an exotic foreign food.”

Caro Amico brought that exotic, foreign food to the public, and after over 60 years of success, they still celebrate the same traditional, delicious Italian cuisine.  The café also offers delivery that it contracts through Delivered Dish.  Call Delivered Dish today at 503-230-0100 to get your Caro Amico delivered directly to you.

Contact Caro Amico today to book your dinner part or simply dine with friends and enjoy their delicious Italian cuisine.  Call 503-223-6895 or email info@caroamicoitaliancafe.com.  Visit the café located at 3606 SW Barbur Boulevard in South Portland.