The Cellar Door, located in South Portland, provides a personal shopping experience for all your winery needs.  The founder of the company, Karen Hinsdale, originally started off working in the wholesale wine business.  She spent over twenty years in the wholesale wine business before turning “her passion for wine and years of experience into a unique retail wine buying experience,” according to their website.  She was once the co-owner of a premium wine distributer called Henny-Hinsdale.  There, she developed strong personal relationships with wine producers across the world.  The Cellar Door keeps a small inventory and has a rapid sell-through rate.  They also have expert tasters buying the wines.  This guarantees customers the highest quality wines for the best possible prices.

One of the main wine tasters, Bryan Shuttleworth, has a palate that “is arguably one of the finest in the United States,” according to their website.  He tastes over fifty wines a week to make sure he gets the finest wine opportunities for The Cellar Door’s clients.  Beginning his career as a table busser at a French restaurant in Pittsburg, Shuttleworth was discovered by the owners of the restaurant.  The restaurant, called Le Pommier, is owned by Christine and Jim Dauber, who first realized Shuttleworth’s “innate talent for tasting,” according to their website.  They then developed his desire to learn more about fine wine, and Shuttleworth went on to travel and taste wine professionally.  He finally ended up at The Cellar Door where he works with Hinsdale to bring the people the finest wine at the best prices possible.

The Cellar Door’s space celebrates more than seventeen years in the wine business, including personal wine buying and retail services.  The Cellar Door offers exclusive wine tastings and preview events, wine etiquette and education classes, inventory appraisals and valuations, wine pairings for private parties and dinners, and tasting events with winemakers and importers from around the world.

Whether you are new to wine or a connoisseur, The Cellar Door can help you pick out your next bottle of wine.  Come down to The Cellar Door to learn about all the great pairings and tastings it has to offer.  The Cellar Door began offering personal wine shopping and choices in 1995, and today they still offer the same quality service as they always have.  Come by today to purchase your next bottle and learn a little bit more about the tasting and pairing of fine wine.

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