This summer in Portland is already proving to be a scorcher. To escape my AC-less apartment, I ventured to the south waterfront this weekend, hoping to find good river breeze and an impressive tan line. Added bonus: apparently this weekend was not only the Fourth of July (time moves differently when you work from home, you see), but also the Portland Blues Festival. I love me some blues. I was pleasantly surprised to see my friends, contortionist & living statue Marysa Kochać and those precocious babes of the Joy Now! Arts Project, working in unforgiving costumes under that sun; but I was even more surprised by how many people — people ranging from crusty street kids to nice looking suburbanites and college kids  — enjoy playing with hula hoops. I remember enjoying them in grade school: the way they swiveled around my waist, the way the air rushed around me, and the relief in focusing on nothing at all — no homework, no pesky siblings, no chores — nothing at all but twirling that hoop.

Canyon Hoops owners Ron & Ruth Klint know what that relief feels like. Many hoops describe a euphoric joy found only while hooping, and having found that euphoria more than a decade ago, they founded Canyon Hoops: Southwest Portland (and much of the world)’s go-to source for high quality hula hoops. No longer those dinky rings you can find at most toy stores, Canyon hoops are made of impact-resistant industrial plastic, many of which utilize unique collapsing technology for easy travel and storing. Hooping is currently undergoing a renaissance not seen since the initial Australian and American crazes of the 1950’s, thanks in part to mind-blowing artists in American, Russian, and Chinese circuses finding recognition on YouTube. In your years since recess and P.E., hooping has evolved.

Canyon Hoops’ passion for hooping is evident in the quality of their inventory, and their innovations and integrations. Utilizing LED units, Canyon Hoops not only sells numerous light-up hoops to create crazy psychedelic patterns and dramatic performances, but also sell freakin’ LED shoelaces, man. Additionally, many considerations go into what makes a Canyon hoop a hooper’s best choice: fitness hoops are designed to help you lose the most water weight; different tapes create different effects when rotating on skin; and so forth.

Like all  business owners, the Klints must always consider how to keep their brand relevant, and above the Internet noise. Their passion and dedication to quality will keep Canyon Hoops in business for years to come. With interest in hooping growing around the world, and showing no signs of going away any time soon, we may see hooping evolve from a childish fad to a dedicated hobby for fitness, relaxation, and fun.

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  1. Ruth Klint July 7, 2015 at 8:28 am — Reply

    it’s also the best Core Builder and my go to way to meditate…Thanks for the great write up!!

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