Portland has always been known for it’s unique architecture which flawlessly incorporates modern urban flares with the natural environment. A great way to see this is by walking along the Willamette River. However, if lounging by the river sounds more suitable to you, then head over to Willamette Park, located on SW Macadam Avenue. It can also be accessed from Nebraska, Nevada, Miles Place, Beaver Avenue, and the Willamette Greenway Trail.

At this charming park, you can find picnic areas, a soccer field, tennis courts, boat and canoe launches, and accessible bathrooms. These amenities make this park a perfect stay-cation getaway and party/event venue. For larger events, look into reserving a sports field and picnic areas. The summer paid parking hours are from 9 am to 5 pm and the all day rate is $10 for vehicles without boat trailers, or an hourly rate of $1  for up to five hours.

If you or someone you know is an avid fisher, look into buying a spring parking pass for $60. There are only 75 passes available starting January 12th and are given on a first-come-first-serve-basis so hurry in while they last. With this pass, you are guaranteed a spot with an easy access to the boat launch with no additional cost throughout the season.

This recreational park is truly breathtaking all year round. Many birds come and perch around, making it a sight to see for bird watchers. But anyone can agree that Willamette Park is a gem among the South Portland Area. So get out a bit, pack a picnic, or tug out the old fishing boat. With cheap parking, easy river access, and sports fields, an outdoorsy day is just a few steps from away from home.


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