Portland’s waterfront is constantly growing, which means new and modern buildings are in the works. Everything from new apartments, retail shops, and office spaces are dotting the streets.

Office space is in high demand, and the the two new office buildings going in south of the Ross Island Bridge and across Southwest Moody Avenue will include 387,000 square feet of office space. The buildings will also come equipped with underground and ground level parking, standing four stories high.

By adding more office space to the South Portland area, it will make it possible for businesses to stay local and accessible to those on both the east and west sides. The buildings also come with great views, so employees will be able to enjoy the imagery while at work.

New additions seem to be popping up all around Portland. The great thing about it is that the city is gaining great modern touches, giving businesses the chance to stay local, and easing commutes between the west and east sides.

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